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Stories about Julie

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Julie has the best hugs and warmest smile. I got to know her through our art critique group. She would host lunch at her home once a year, and we would critique our paintings. Julie was always gentle and kind with her comments, and very humble showing her beautiful, remarkable paintings. She inspired me in ways she never knew. I loved her.

Jean-Marie Chapman

I met Julie at Lake Area Artists. She always made me feel like I mattered. Her smile and art lit up a room! Giving thanks for her!

Theresa Andreas-O'Leary

I met Julie through WSO, our state wide watercolor society. She noticed my work, the fact that I was an art teacher and soon asked me to teach class with her Lake Oswego watercolor class. It was a happy introduction to the area. And as a person from big old California, she made sure that I felt welcomed. Her open nature and generous heart gave me a chance to feel as though I belonged here. I will miss her quiet and supportive soul. She is/was one very special person that made a big difference in my life. I will miss her.

Leslie Cheney-Parr

Hey Kin…just wanted to reach out with a big hug… hands to hands, heart to heart…to you and all of your family. I know you don’t need me to tell you how special a person your mother was. For me, Julie was the last of that generation of elders who welcomed me into the family, introduced me to a place, to a set of people, and to a land that became home. Putting birthright aside, your mother was, and always will be, a native Oregonian… and I speak those words in the highest of praise. Strong, smart, talented…. loving, honest, forthright … but above all, eternally humble. I’m floored every time I look at the abstract painting of hers that hangs in our living room. My God, that woman was a true artist, and yet, unlike most artists, she was just so incredibly balanced, so lacking of attitude or ego. In truth, I think she was part Elvin … a bit of pixie magic moved within … and you’d glimpse it in her smile, and in the way her eyes would dance before she shared in a laugh. It was a blessing for the both of you to be there together, holding hands, sharing those last moments. To love, and to be loved in return … it’s the only currency of value, the only true measure of our worth. It was the very last thing she took from you on her journey onward, and it’s the gift you brought home to your own family…to be shared and passed through the generations. It is why love transcends time and space … it is why we live until the last person who remembers us passes … It is why Julie will live forever.

Much Love, Marc and Jan

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